If life was perfect…

We would still be complaining..

Wherever we are, whatever we do, life is never going to be perfect because we are not perfect either. Adding to this, some challenges in life we don’t get to choose, they come to make us develop as human beings. In others things we can make a decision if we listen to our heart.

We even try often to fill the empty spaces with more and more, when we don’t know we have everything we need inside of us.

If you are still searching for something that you may think is missing in your life, look deep inside of you. Center yourself and connect with your light within, your inner beauty, your bliss. Sit in a quite place for a couple of minutes, without distractions, silence the chat of your mind only focusing on your natural breathing. When you try this a couple of times, you will begin to feel that it is also important to really pause now and then from the daily activities and connect with yourself.

Photo by: Marlyn

You will see that life is even more beautiful and less stressful when it’s windless and quite around us, then you have found what you really have been missing, Peace of mind and spirit.

TIPS: the same applies with the yoga postures or asanas in Sanskrit. Usually yoga beginners have high expectations on themselves and get frustrated or feel like they failed when some positions feels uncomfortable. I have been there myself!!

You don’t need to prove anything to yourself or to anyone else. You just have to listen to the signs of your body and respect it’s limits. Our bodies are not perfect either therefore there is no perfect yoga position. The yoga techniques in asanas gives us the tools to not injury our bodies, to adapt our bodies to the right exercises for us and at the same time strengthen it and make it more flexible through time and experience.

Until then have patience and BREATHE throughout life’s challenges and your yoga practice. If you try your best in everything you do, it is good enough, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

Namaste ❤

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