To forgive & Let go

We all carry a lot of emotional, psychological wounds in our luggages that we need to drop off for a lighter journey..Some time in our lives we got hurt, other times we hurted someone..

Photo by: Marlyn

To forgive ourselves for the mistakes we made instead of blaming ourselves for what happened in the past, is the first step to heal and move on.

To forgive others for the mistakes they have done to us instead of blaming them all life, and inviting them to keep on haunting us in the present, is the second step to heal and move on.

To let go of the past, accepting that it can’t come back or change anything in our present life unless WE ALLOW IT TO, is the third step to heal and move on to a brighter and more peaceful life.

Although, to forgive with all heart, ourselves, others, and let go it is not that easy.. It requires a lot of training and it takes time. But in the end it will only show how much stronger and more mature we are able to become.

Love and Light, Marlyn

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