Our Energy is our perfume

Einstein said once: Matter is Energy.. Energy is Light.. We are all Light Beings

Photo by Marlyn

We are not only our bodies, we are way more than that. We carry an energy that in religions it’s called soul. For what some people call ghosts/spirits, Einstein calls energy.

Everything and everyone is energy and we leave traces of our energy behind us as a perfume wherever we go.

Highly sensitive and open persons have the ability to feel both energies from persons that are alive (auras) and even from persons that passed away, places.. Some may be called mediums/spiritual. Their intuition is more sharp and when they are about to visit a place, they can feel the energy there and sense if they are welcome or if they should avoid going in. Places that are loaded with unfriendly energies and negativity are not good for our soul.

When our energy gets fragile (due to being tired, sick, negative thoughts/situations/patterns..), we are then more open to atract negative energies. Subconsciously we allow them to stick around our aura for a long time. In extreme cases, it can affect us emotionally: some can even feel heavy/ completely exhausted, develop depression, diseases related to stress, apathy, consumption abuse (food, material things), alcohol or drugs abuse, etc.. It is not superstitions or hocus pocus, it is law of attraction!! The same works for the opposite! When our energy is strong and positive we are more likely to attract similar energies and we know when/how to avoid negativity!

Einstein even said once: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.

BE AWARE of the energy you are transmiting in whatever you do, think..because :

Where your attention goes your energy flows”..James Redfield

Take good care of your energy and Spread Good Vibes 🙏💜

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com


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