How to clear and strengthen your energy

Earth protects,

Water purifies,

Fire transforms,

Air purifies,

Sound and Light blesses..

photo by: Marlyn

We are often better taking care of our bodies than our energy/aura. Taking care of your energy is an important step to be in peace and harmony. A strong energy is a good protected energy. To have a balanced aura you have mostly to trust and follow your intuition, but i have some tips from experience that may help:

How to clean and strengthen your aura:

Clean: When you feel your energy is heavy or negative, you can use some tricks to clean it: Natural things, that come from nature are the best: taking a walk in natural environments (beach, forests, parks, etc..). Catching sun (without exaggeration) is good to clean your aura and strengthen your crown chakra. Drink a lot of water/teas during the day. Being surrounded by flowers or green plants is also good to clear and lift your energy.

A lukewarm bath with a bit salt in the water or go to the beach if it’s warm weather is good to clean your aura also. Have you had that feeling that when you swim in the beach you feel as new? Lukewarm shower also works, and directing the water from your feet to the top of your head for a while (in the crown chakra).

Music is as powerful as Silence. Listening to positive music that is good for the soul, feel good music, calm music. Whatever music makes your spirit feel in harmony and calm, can tune and raise your vibration/frequency. Singing (specially mantras), celebrating life dancing freely and in joy.

Strenghten: doing something creative/different for yourself (simple things) to break the routine. Take a paus from daily stressful life for enjoying being in silence. The most important is to spend time with people that are positive, that lift you upp, also spend time in places that are good for your soul. Using aromatherapy in yourself or in your home (lavender, jasmine, frankincense, etc..). Eating more food with prana (vital life force energy) will make you feel better and strengthen your energy (fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, etc.).

How to protect your aura:

There are several ways to protect your aura. Wearing good energized Crystals such as black turmaline and rock-crystal are good to protect you from negative energies and even turning them into positive. Amethyst is also good for protection and sharps the intuition. Meanwhile, the most powerful way is through meditation. Meditation cleans and strengthens your aura from inside out. For a deeper meditation, you can use a mala with 108 beads, to meditate your intention on them. Follow your intuition to set a personal intention.

P.S. When your energy is strong and positive, everyone around you will benefit from it, beginning with your family, your home, workplace and collegues and later on everything and everyone around you.

Good vibes,


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