IMPROVISE in the Dance of Life

When i was a small kid, i remember saying to my mamma (may she rest in Peace) i wanted to take balett lections, but she could not afford it.. Then my heart still wanted to dance and i kept on dancing at home, school and all dance events that showed up, such as summer dance workshops, african dance group (Batoto Yetu), etc.

Many years later i applied to a dance high school but i could not afford to complete my education, because i had to work to help my family at home. I kept on dancing even though but i kinda forgot through time that creative and free part of me..and i blindly followed the crowd..

Today i still dance because that is one of the things my heart tells me to do most.. I didn’t give up my dream even though i didn’t become a professional dancer as i wished before. In the stage of my life, i dance free with my body, mind, spirit and flow in grace for me and for my mom.. I figured out i had it in me all the time but i was to blind to see, too unfocused to feel..

Yoga is my anchor and reminds me of who i really am. Helps me to center myself and remain calm in storms of life. Reminds me that to be able to give to others i should give to myself first, doing more often the things my heart feels joy for, (sing, dance, create..), which nurtures my soul.

Music: James Horner, AVATAR, Becoming One of “the people” 😉 ❤

Love and Light, Marlyn

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