About Beauty

While growing up with dark skin color i felt i wasn’t so appreciated or like i wasn’t beautiful because the concept of beauty was mostly related to a specific beauty stereotype..i felt unseen then.. which confused me and in the end i began to feel bad about myself.. Sometimes i experienced i wasn’t also well treated or given the credits because of my appearance and that is not ok for a young person to experience and deal with.

So i tried to change my hair with chemicals and have it straight all the time, i dressed up to attract attention, i wasn’t myself and wanted to please others.. I wanted to be someone i wasn’t, someone that didn’t even exist.

Today when i see myself in the mirror i see my true self. The one that creates her own fashion and is not looking anymore for attention but for inner connection. I love the way i look and every style i do to myself and my hair (with or without make up, stylish or lazy, with or without hair dreads, scarfs, turbants, etc..) whatever makes me feel happy and confident.

To be different does not mean we are uggly or less worthy. It means we are beautiful in our own special way that can’t be measured, compared or fit in definitions, categories..

True beauty goes beyond physical appearance..
It comes from deep within, from our soul. It shines through our eyes, our smile, our words, and our heartful actions.

photos on pixabay, pexels.com

Love and Light, Marlyn

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