Racism & beyond colors

I am brown, and i am proud. Not only of being brown color but of accepting myself and others as they are, of seing potential and beauty beyond appearances and coming from a pure, loving and color free heart.

I don’t usually write about this topic but i feel it’s time, due to the fact that a lot of polemic around the world is taking place..

RACISM is a heavy word to read and to write. But we can’t deny it exists, swip it down under the carpet..

Whithout going deeper in my experiences i can share that i have been target of discrimination and racism while growing up.

Sometimes was an unconscious comment, others someone that spit on the floor and make a bad comment when i passed by.. others when i passed by someone locked their cars..or “oh by your voice in the phone i did not expect to be “you”…and so much ridiculously more…

At the time i thought, come on…i don’t bite, i don’t have a contagious disease because i am brown, i am also beautiful and full of potential…but...my skin color always got in the way…

I had to work harder to prove to everyone around me my achievements.I didn’t think about my skincolor as others did..

I never judged anyone by appearances so i expected everyone else would not do the same to me..

So i kept swallowing all those frogs and digesting all those traumas, sometimes using humor to ease the pain..

RACISM STILL EXISTS (if it’s not worse now), and i still experience discrimination (camouflaged)…but i don’t place my energy on that. I have more important things to focus my energy on.. I know that people who discriminate don’t know better and i actually feel sorry for them because they are still living in darkness… May God have mercy on them..

What i will definitely place my energy on is to break all these preconceptions related to skin color, class, religion, life choices and so on, that only limit people from seeing and thinking outside of the box..dividing instead of unifying them..

It’s about time to accept that we are all different and don’t fit anymore in categories. It’s time for a change, for this world to open up more and show more compassion to each other.

We are after all living in the same planet, so we should coexist peacefully and respectfully, stop fighting with each other because of our differences..

Now i wrote it. Amen

Thank you for reading,


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