Mental health awareness

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I grew up in a family where mental health problems walked hand in hand with us in daily life. For me it became normal to grow up in that reality.

It was a hard reality for but we accepted the sickness and never lost our humor..

It is not easy to have a mental sickness from where i came from. People almost don’t want to look at you, interact..

has if you have some contagious desease..
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A real mentally ill person, no matter how they try to explain, to persons or to doctors, words don’t want to come forward.. It’s hard for a sick person to describe it’s symptoms when they are at the highest point of the sickness and get blocked by their own mind…

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In my opinion, no one will ever truly understand what a person with mental problems is going through unless themselves have been or are close to someone in some kind of related situation.

Anyway it is very important to talk to someone and to share if you or you know someone is having mental issues. Don’t be ashamed to contact a doctor as well and to get all kind of support you need.

I think it’s time for people to see that this is really a problem and that it needs more attention, effort and preventive measures.

For me no one else needs to take away their lives or even think about it. It’s time to bring more awareness that this is a really important issue, that everyone needs to be involved in this to make people that are sick feel a part of the society, feel embraced and taken care of, not feel as a parasit.

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Love and Light,


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