Secrets of inspiration

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Inspiration comes without a scheduled time or warning…Interrupts conversations, tasks and wants to free from the minds ribbons that imprison it../Marlyn

7 tips to stimulate creativity:

1– Take a long and calm walk somewhere you never usually walk, to break the routine..

2– Breathe mindfully or meditate at least 5 minutes a day, to start with..

3– Free your mind from worries and try to become fully present in everything you do.

4– Place that project aside for a while and try some new activity or sport to change perspective.

5– Take more time to just be and relax

6– Laugh more and do activities together with family and friends

7– Focus your energy on positive things daily


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When you feel inspiration is coming to you, stop everything and express it in your unique way. To be truly happy we have to express what our soul is telling us. Believe me it is going to try to reach you one way or another, whether is in dreams or during day in unexpected times..specially when we stop running from one task to another..when we breathe mindfully…when we turn inwards and let the distractions aside for a while..

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