Education is the key

photo by Marlyn

My 5 year old daughter recently asked me: Mamma, how does it feel to be brown??..

I was paff…i took a deep breath and looked at my little girl and thought, “no, she is not too small to know how it really feels”, cause she may feel it in the skin sooner or later, if things don’t change.

So i told her that from the heart i didn’t feel different cause we are all the same deep within and we are all equally beautiful no matter what color we have or how we look like.. BUT in reality it feels like my “heart theory” does not apply YET..cause there is still out there a lot of judgments, people are not so kind to each other, etc.. A long story to tell her while she will grow up.. But i will also tell her stories to be proud of, including my own and others that succeed no matter what color suits their alike colored bones..

SO, let’s all make that lovely theory into practice from now on, starting by educating our children to be their very best versions.

The past can’t be undone, so we need to let it go..the future is in Gods hands (a part in our own..)..the present is the right moment to start with a positive change.

photo by Marlyn

Thank you for reading,


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