What makes you feel whole?

photo by Marlyn

We often tend to turn outwards to search for confirmation, attention, love (usually more traps of the ego mind) and forget we have it all inside. We don’t need to go anywhere, we don’t need to constantly be seen or heard. We just need to come in contact with our divine self and from there we see and hear only what nourishes us, we connect to our purpose,goals and let go of all the distractions and obstacles that blocks us from receiving divine guidance.

What makes me feel whole?: For me is silence and stillness…the clear mirror that follows me wherever i go if i take some conscious breaths to see through it..

Much love and pure light, Marlyn

4 Replies to “What makes you feel whole?”

  1. As said , when you do what your intuitive mind inspires you to do, it feels like the flow of the universe naturally …
    Self-reflection and insight is a journey of self-discovery to see your natural talents and divinely given abilities …My Grandma ( God bless her and all people ) used to tell me a saying like look for  the advice of a thousand people and disagree to 1 thousand people but return to your inner divine self for guidance …
    شاور الف وخالف الف وارجع لمشورة نفسك …
    Joseph Campbell said:” Follow your bliss and the universe would open doors for you where there were only walls. ”

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