One Year blogging!!!

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WHIOOOOOO, time goes fast and i realized i have been one year now blogging!

I have blogged before but quit after a while when i thought i did not have anything else to write about, to share with my readers. This new blog has been like a rebirth, a new path of infinite choices and possibilities ahead. Everything is still so open for me and a bit scary sometimes, but what’s life without adventures?..

I think the best with blogging is still yet to come and i hope you enjoy the ride with me.

Sometimes the road feels long and we encounter a bunch of challenges, but writing about them is a way to see how me grow through them. The most special about writing is to give, to grow together in this journey of life, where we are never alone.

Thank you for being with me and reading my blog so far! I leave a QUESTION to all the bloggers, writers, readers out there!

Why do you blog or write?

Much Love, Marlyn

photo by Marlyn

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