The key to emotional freedom

photo by Marlyn

When we are too attached to things, feelings, situations, persons, we can never be truly happy. Detachment is the key to emotional freedom and genuine happiness.

Whatever it is you are holding on to that is not nourishing you and sinks your vibes, let it go..then you will learn to live again free and happy.

“I let go with Love and Light” is a powerful affirmation that helps release what no longer is good for us in a compassionate way, without resentments, grievances or hate. Turning the page to something brighter and lighter will only be possible if our hearts are unchained and healed. As long as we hold on to toxic energies we are going to feel stuck in our path.

So let it flow, let go, leave behind all fears, self-doubts and worries. By repeating the affirmation above a couple of times every time before you go to sleep will make you feel lighter and free.

Letting go is not an easy process but the result is a rebirth every moment, a new beginning where you will feel in your power to shine, to share your truth, live your purpose and to serve with a devoted heart.

Photo by Marlyn, Arvidsjaur

Thank you for reading!

Peace and Love,


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