Rise with Love

photos by Marlyn (moonlight, moonset & moonrise, Arvidsjaur 28-29/01) Rising with an angel.. The moon keeps me awake, as much as thinking about you such a blissful emotional state, hard to ignore that is true Sitting silently gazing at her, your beautiful face appears instead smiling while the moon gets blur, i can’t get you …

Silent day

In the solitude of a quiet day, may our voices still be heard; in the silence of a bright new day, may our melodies give shape to timeless songs, in the cold of a beautiful day, may our hearts still vibrate warm as the sunlight.. Love, Marlyn

Timeless quote

Never look back, never look forward, remain present in this precious moment..with all you got, whatever that is for now is enough.Marlyn Sunset Arvidsjaur, 13:50, -20 °C photos credit: Marlyn