Rise with Love

photos by Marlyn (moonlight, moonset & moonrise, Arvidsjaur 28-29/01)

Rising with an angel..

The moon keeps me awake, as much as thinking about you

such a blissful emotional state, hard to ignore that is true

Sitting silently gazing at her, your beautiful face appears instead

smiling while the moon gets blur, i can’t get you out of my head

Greatest source of inspiration, to major songs and poems

angels singing a tuning vibration, giving shape to endless Amens

I don’t know where this is going to lead

i surrender to let it flow

keeping you in mind makes me believe

there is much more in life than maya show

I tried to understand this feeling, but i left the logics behind

if it is another state of dreaming, don’t wake me up, i don’t mind

i rather go sleeping, then pretend that i am blind

i rather keep on dreaming, then leaving you behind

Could it be divine love embracing me through a human form?

i am grateful you touched me, with your peace and love storm

Where will this take me, i don’t really care

all i want is to follow you, to the land of nowhere

where will this lead me, i don’t really know

all i want is to be with you, wherever that magic flows

You are the reason, i can finally see clearly

you are the song, the angels whispered to me nearly

I’ve been trying to let you go

but you keep on coming back

i cannot defy your divine flow

keep pretending it’s an empath attack

I can feel you in all my cells

swimming gently as in the pure oceans

nurturing me, ringing the bells

shaking up the deepest emotions

I can breathe you in all my being

just by the fact of thinking of you

i rise up while i sense your healing 

stopping the time, embracing the deja vu

i wonder if it is more than a feeling

rising up with an angel as bright as snow

falling in higher love with your being

and how in heaven will i let you go..

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com


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