Coming full moon affirmations & guided meditation

photo in pixabay,

I am grounded, stable and fully present in this sacred moment.

I am balanced, aligned with my heart, my soul and good intentions to rise and fullfil my goals and my souls purpose.

My heart and awareness are only open to loving and peaceful energies. Negativity around my awareness is transmuted to positivity by the fierceful golden and sacred flame of powerful angels.

Nothing, not even my ego mind is standing in my way to reach my goals. I have the power to change my life into a more upgraded version, body, mind and spirit.

I am detaching from what no longer nourishes my life in any way.

I am stepping into the door to infinite abundance and wealth in every area of my life.

I trust and surrender to my higher self, to divine power, and that everything will be just fine, as it should be.

At last, i recommend you to listen to my latest guided meditation for balancing your chakras and connect with your highest source of energy. This meditation is recommended to listen with headphones laying down comfortably. Enjoy it and take care of yourself!

Peaceful full moon!


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