The way you are

i love you.. when you are high, when you are lowwhen you are lost, when you are foundwhen you shade, when you glowwhen you're mild, when you're profoundwhen you pause, when you flowwhen you're quite, when you sound. photo in pixabay, Marlyn

I see you

photo in pixabay, I see those who truly see mei even see those who don't wanti see those who need meeven those who think they don't I feel the love pouring on methe one i can never get enough ofi feel the hostility pouring on mebut i take it out with a cough I …

You got the whole heart

in your hands.. photo in pixabay, He has got the world in his soulshe has got his heart in her handswhile she keeps it makes her feel wholehe knows her love has no demands... Love, Marlyn

Shine bright

Be your light.. It may make some people around you uncomfortable in the beginning, but in the end your light will spread all over where there is wounds to heal, darkness to remove, love to refill. Namaste,Marlyn

Coming home

photo in pixabay, I am coming homeopening the door to loveare you also coming?or are you staying behind? I am ready, ready to lovei am ready, ready to live Don't look back, just follow medon't look down, just trustdon't be afraid to fall, surrenderi will always raise you up with my love Are you …