3 tips fo reinforce your New moon intentions

What would you like to see bloom in your own life this spring, besides the flowers in your garden?

Setting intentions is a really powerful way to uppgrade your life in many levels. So if you are in a stage of your life where you could need a new beginning, a shift to a better life quality, a kind of rebirth to a better version of yourself, the time is NOW. Better than ever. Take advantage of the new moon flow to invest in yourself.

Write down at least one intention you would like to see blossom in your life.

Can be either in the physical, emotional, material, relationship, spiritual realm, or one intention for each one of them.

This is where it all begins, with self-care and intention setting. From there i share with your 3 tips to reinforce these intentions:

FOCUS: be present, center yourself with help of meditation or simple breathing exercises. Detach from unnourishing situations, feelings and distractions. Distractions can even be of the good kind too, so don’t let even anything you love that much take so much of your energy either. In this way you will have the proper amount of energy directed to your goals. Keep in mind, wherever your attention goes your energy flows!

LISTEN: In moments of absolute silence and introspection just listen to your inner guidance. Let go of all the plans you are making, of the overthinking for some moments. Your call is already calling you..

DISCIPLINE: from that space create a self discipline practice. In the beginning don’t be so hard on yourself, can be a baby step by day: a simple achievement you make and you would like to repeat in other ways will boost your self esteem and sense of control. A sense of being in charge, of not letting the ego mind win all time.

Remember time is only playing tricks with you, the present moment is all you got. So you don’t have to perform to anyone around you and neither to yourself. Lower the expectations and let go of perfectionism.

Hope you found this post useful!

Photo in pixabay, pexels.com

Thank you so much for reading,


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