The heart whisperer

video by Yogiheart
You we are never alone! You are loved, seen and you are so magical! 🙂

“Some say she seems to intense
her perfume is too dense for them to inhale
powerful and ethereal as frankincense
they release her as soon as they exhale
Head in the moon, feet on a higher ground
she learns in despair how to rise with Love
she stops, listens, looks around
in the end quests for the love within & above
Teacher, student, thirsty for life
still connecting to her dharma
never again she will be anybody’s wife
she is free from all that kind of drama
Her light keeps shining bright
but not everyone wants to see
she fades into the midnight light
fights between to be or not to be
Close your eyes and feel your heartbeat
maybe then you will truly see her
search within & you will find her treat

listen to the echoes of the heart whisperer.

Namaste, Marlyn

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