video:Marlynsound: ”From the earth”,Judson Crane She was hurt and came to me i gave her my love and then set her free * She was scared i told her to trust me i showed her i cared she could finally see * She was lost and then she found by no cost her peace of …

I Am

I am free i am the birds i see I am happy i am the love i seek photo:Marlyn Thank you for dropping by! Marlyn

The King of hearts

A dream or imagination can’t help but keep on falling my heart’s been set on fire since first time i heard his calling * As sunbeams dancing in fields of gold snowflakes gently falling in wintertime songs that gracefully unfold keeping safe this heart of mine * A light to hard to be ignored transcending …

Time to wake up!

photo by pexels, When you remember who you truly are at your core, everything will make so much sense to you. You will feel reborn, you will feel renewed, you will never again want to go back to the older version of yourself. You will feel uppgraded body, mind & spirit and you feel connected …

The key

Only you have the key to happiness: to let go of all fears and open your heart. photo in pixabay, Marlyn ✨

The whole universe in his hands

photo by pixabay, He does not need mountains to feel high turning inwards he reaches for the sky he doesn’t need rivers to feel the flow or neither sunshine to naturally glow shining from within his light continues to grow photo by pixabay, Thank you for reading, Marlyn

Cosmic memories

photo in pixabay, The mountains whispered: Do not worry,you are safe The waters whispered: Do not be afraid, trust and let go The sun whispered: You can do this, stay strong The winds whispered: You are so loved, be Love The angels sang: You are so unique, stay true The wise sages wrote: Everything …