Lemurian child

photo by Marlyn

I climb mountains from low to high
i walk in hope to feel free
i just want to reach for the sky
while gravity tries to take over me

Down to earth sometimes i feel so small
although aware my feelings are just an illusion
i play hide and seek, still & quiet as a doll
so no one can hurt me in all this confusion

Lemurian child for as long as i remember
but i seem to blur this as time goes by
to the quest within i am learning to surrender
cause searching outside sometimes makes me wanna cry

I believe one day i will touch the sky
I believe one day, detached i will fly
to the safety of my heart, my true home
where i will no longer walk alone

Although i did not ask to be born
i know i will remain forever young

cause my inner child does not need to reborn
always eternal as the moon and the sun

photo by Marlyn

Thank you for reading,


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