Emotional intelligence

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Some people come into our lives only with the simple mission of helping us rising, learning, inspiring and developing together in many ways. Some stay just for a little while, others for a bit longer..others for a lifetime.

No matter how long people stay in our lives we should always learn to love them without attachment and learn to let them go when it’s time to say goodbye. They may not remain long periods of time physically with us but they remain forever in our hearts.

That kind of love that hurts it’s associated with attachment and suffering from our ego:subconscious mind. The kind of love that loves in a free way comes from a higher level of consciousness and emotional intelligence. It helps us to love without demanding, without owning, without craving back.

Is our love free? If it is so,then it’s time to let go.

Using positive affirmations to let go is a way of cultivating emotional freedom, live more peacefully and happy:

I am emotionally free and detached.

I am learning to love without expectations.

I am connected to the purest, highest and unconditional source of love, that comes from within, from my awakened and compassionate heart.

I am absolute and free Love.

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3 Replies to “Emotional intelligence”

  1. Enjoyed reading this. It’s taken me years to understand that I shouldn’t form a deep attachment to people, places and material things. Nothing is permanent. Yes, I am learning to enjoy each person’s presence, learn from them and release when they go. Thank you for sharing this

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