The King of hearts

A dream or imagination

can’t help but keep on falling

my heart’s been set on fire

since first time i heard his calling


As sunbeams dancing in fields of gold

snowflakes gently falling in wintertime

songs that gracefully unfold

keeping safe this heart of mine


A light to hard to be ignored

transcending time & space

winning all my heart’s awards

transporting me to a sacred place


With him it’s hard to get bored

energy constantly surprising

works of expression by so many adored

as the finest sunset and rising


Not many words can do a properly hymn

transcends all kinds of explanations

some in secret wish to be just like him

a gestalt of a beautiful creation


Greek God or metraton avatar

his shape is definitely one of a kind

the soul as bright as a seed star

his heart so pure and aligned


Who is he? Shhh don’t tell anyone

he is only a God of mine

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

Thank you for reading, Marlyn

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