Two years blogging!!

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Wow!! What a journey it has been. Two years ago i started this new blog and i am so surprised to see where it gets me..Time as been going really fast in human skin, although from a spiritual perspective i am aware that time stands still in the present moment. It’s fun to go “back” and see the older posts, see if something is similar, what evolved, etc..

One thing i can write for sure.. I have never been so much fan of social media but my spirit says it is a good way to spread love and light.. This platform is the one i adore the most because i can feel that people who read my blog are in the same level of awareness as me.. They are light workers, healers, peace and love spreaders.. I feel so much support beyond time & space but in this blog i feel i am at home. Feels as a safe place i can be truly myself and express myself without being judged or depreciated..

I love what the spirit says to me to share and i will continue to share the truth i am aligned with, not to try to change anyone but to uplift, encourage, and provide a safe place to come to when everything around seems to go out of tune..

The world has been going through tremendous challenges, we all have been feeling it in the skin. If we support each other, are there for each other as a soul family, saving each other from darkness, rising together with love, compassion and respect..believe me, this world Can be really a better place for everyone who lives in it. It’s a matter of raising our collective awareness. It’s a choice.. What will we choose? bloom and serve our inner light or to drown in our inner darkness..There is always a choice. The choices we make affect not only ourselves but also those around us. Therefore the importance of making conscious choices nowadays. Since we are all connected and we are getting more & more aware of that, why not choose and shift our focus to the bright side of life.

Choose Love Always and you will finally be truly Free and Happy, beyond the illusions and delusions of this material world that can never give the everlasting joy that the divine spirit provides.

Thank you for reading and enjoying this yoga and life ride with me.


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