About aging

🌿 For some months ago i noticed how my hair has drastically became growing white.. I got a bit panic and became to take it out as soon as they grew.. I stopped and noticed my ego was taking charge… So i took a deep breath and decided to surrender…

🌿There is no elixir that can prevent us from getting older, no matter how hard we try..and i know we all do it subconsciously 😅..
🌿While my body gets older, i accept this fact but also never forget that within i am always ageless, boundless, bright, magnificent..that light shines through no matter what is our physical age or appearance.✨

photo in pixabay,pexels.com

🌿Can you see your beauty shining from within yourself when you leave the mirror behind and close your eyes?🌌

Thank you for reading, YogiHeart 🙏🏾

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