The art of living

is the art of letting go..over and over and over..until there is only left awareness of breathing, just breathing; awareness of flowing, just flowing; awareness of being, just being; awareness of being aware, just awareness

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Detachment is the key to live a life with freedom, purpose and inspiration. When we detach from people, places, situations, things that we have been clinging to so hard, we are setting ourselves and the other part free. We are giving space to new light to come in and start again with brighter possibilities.

Where do we want to go once we set free what was holding us back from developing in so many ways? Listen to your heart, it has all the answers you need. Follow your intuition, it has all the advice and wisdom you need. Follow your inner guidance, you Have everything you need. You Are everything you need. You don’t need anyone special to complete you since you are whole. You don’t have to go anywhere to find peace, since peace is inside of you. You don’t have to buy anything to make you happy, you just have to be still and experience the true and lasting happiness that comes from your own heart and being.

Let go of limited beliefs, of toxic emotions, situations or people in your life. Let go of the desire of wanting more and more that will never truly satisfy you. And once you truly Let go, give Space to Love and Light to come in, then all you need is just to be. Everything you need to fulfill your divine purpose will flow naturally in all realms of your life.

Wishing you peace and love always, YogiHeart ❤

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