The throne of the soul

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Meditation is only truly called meditation once our practice starts outside of the mat or from the lotus position in our daily practice.

When we go through daily challenges or situations in life we can use meditation as a tool to bring awareness to that situation and challenge and act from there directly. We don’t need to wait to sit and do our practice some hours later. Some things can be worked out and released already in the moment it happens.

What is the benefit of it? Your energy or vibration remains more balanced for longer periods of time benefiting you and those around you. You become much happier!

How to become more aware and release what affects our energy negatively throughout the course of a day? Probably you will think that you don’t have time for this. But the more accumulated negative energies the heavier will be later to sit in meditation practice and release. It is enough to use even 3 or 5 minuts when you take a break during day.

Step 1- When you become aware that something shifted or changed in your energy or around your energy field in a unpleasant way, for ex. a negative emotion, (fear, worry,jealousy,etc), you just have to let it be/flow for a while and accept that this feeling is there. There is nothing to do about it but to accept it instead of denying it, ignoring it or supressing it as if it is not happening.

Step 2- Take a couple of deep breaths and visualize that with each exhalation you become more relaxed and let go of what of disturbing you. Take as much conscious breaths you feel the need.

Step 3- Trust this too will pass even if it seems as it does not go over in the moment. If it feels really disturbing i recommend to raise your energy/vibration by for example repeating a sacred mantra or affirmation in your minds eye (third eye) and ask the universe or God or a divine guide to bless you with holy light and love. Be grateful when you receive.

Once you showed your subconscious mind that you (divine soul) are not going anywhere and are taking the lead, that your soul is always sitting in a spot there it remains untouchable, invencible, indestructible, invisible, nothing can shake you out of there unless you allow it yourself.

Remember the Power and Strength of Light and Love, it blesses and shines over darkness.

In Love & Light, YogiHeart

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