New Moon affirmations!

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Sometimes the only way out is in and upwards: going in deep within and rise up like the sun.”

The beginning of the year always starts with quite intense energies in the air. There is so much energy left from left year to be released and high expectations from us to do it at once plus to achieve every goal in our list. But be gentle on yourself, take some time to focus, nurture yourself and remain anchored in the present. Remind where attention goes, energy flows!.

These positive affirmations and intentions will help you to rise above and beyond the limited 3D maya dimension and get on track with your higher and divine pure self. Repeat them quietly while meditating, taking a walk in nature, doing gentle yoga or listening to meditative music:

I release any projections of judgment, high expectations or demands, negativity or lower vibrational energy from others and within myself.

I forgive myself and others because i am aware nobody and any situation is perfect.

I fill myself with love, compassion and understanding.

I let go of all traces within or in my aura of any energy that is not in resonance with my true self or any energy /person/ situation that slows down or interferes with my ascension to a higher frequency.

I surround myself with a tripple mirror shield of powerful violet flame and ask the Archaengel Michael to stand by my side as long as i feel the need.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life in this divine present moment.

Love & Light, YogiHeart 🙏🏽🕉

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