Kundalini explained

Kundalini has been subject for many discussions in the yoga ”world”. Unfortunatly there are still so many myths about kundalini that often scares away who is interested in beginning to explore this.

Art source: Loner Wolf

Kundalini is nothing more than life force energy, or even called ”shakti energy” that exists in all of us and moves from the base of the spine upwards. This movement awakens a force of energy that is very powerful and blissful, a deep spiritual awakening. Often this divine energy is ”sleeping” coiled as a snake in the base of the spine and can be awakened through mindful breathing, kundalini yoga exercises/sat kriyas, gurmukhi mantras and meditation, which unblocks the chakras or energy wheels in the body.

Too much of something is never good so it’s important to keep balance and also remind to use your personal power to do good and serve humanity in a positive and uplifting way.

As everything in life even kundalini practices should be executed with moderation and balance. If you are new beginner it’s recommended to practice very carefully and with the assistance of a professional and experienced teacher. If the kundalini energy is being awakened within you and you are not ready for it yet, it can become overwhealming. Since we have a lot of emotions and memories/traumas saved in our physical and ethereal bodies (even from our ancestors) that need to be gradually and carefully released.

When you are deeper connected with your own subtle energy you can even begin to be aware of someone elses energy and connect in a higher level. It’s as if you see clearer energies around you, particularly alike vibrating in the same frequency. Be aware and remember you always have the choice either to be open and connect with those higher energies (often spiritual guides, soulmates, angels, ancestrals, ascended masters, soul star family, etc.) or close and protect your energy with an energetic boundary when something does not resonate with your being or if feels lower vibrations are trying to cling on to your energy.

You can also awaken a taste of shakti in your body by breathing and dancing mindfully! Feel free to listen and follow my recent playlist if you like it!! Remember to always feel grounded and connected to earth when you feel your energy rising! To access my playlist visit: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/57gIHL8BjYgQgyt9sUmvHR?si=Fp5p9BEdQoOxqF9XE1donQ

Keep it up, keep it bright, keep shining from within & spreading good vibes!

Art source: Art station

Much Love, YogiHeart 💚

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