We were born crying we grow up whining we age shining we transform undying ...cause diamonds are forever✨ Peace, Marlyn

Who are you?

I was asking to myselfwhen i first felt your energyyou shy never showed upso i thought it was all a fantasythen i saw you beyond what eyes can seei thought you were to good to be truestill convinced you were not reali gazed at your soul, saw it throughWhat i saw i cannot explaini can …

Sacred Love (poetry)

When we are nothingwhen we are everythingwhere does our Love fit in?in the being or not beingor floating around only within? To be or not to beShakespeare once wisely saidlove silently growing as a treei embrace it before it's leaves fall dead Love does not need to fade into dustit flows in and out unconditionallyopens …

Heaven on heart

May heaven be a place on earthmay earth be a piece of heavenmay heaven be in your heartmay your heart beat love 24/7 Thank you for reading, Marlyn β™₯οΈπŸ™πŸ½

Full moon poetry

full moon eclipse,, pixabay I feel your presence stronger than everthank you for dropping bysurround me in your loveeven after we say goodbyelove with no beginning, no endit will forever remainas the stars, moon, sun always shinemy love for you will also do the samewe don't need any wordswe don't need any confirmationsour hearts …

The way you are

i love you.. when you are high, when you are lowwhen you are lost, when you are foundwhen you shade, when you glowwhen you're mild, when you're profoundwhen you pause, when you flowwhen you're quite, when you sound. photo in pixabay, Marlyn