The way you are

i love you.. when you are high, when you are lowwhen you are lost, when you are foundwhen you shade, when you glowwhen you're mild, when you're profoundwhen you pause, when you flowwhen you're quite, when you sound. photo in pixabay, Marlyn

You are beautiful

and loved... Beauty lies in the hearts of those who can truly feel.. in the eyes of those who can clearly see in light or the ears of those who can hear divine whisperers in the the mouth of those who dare to speak their truth.. photo by Marlyn Namaste, Marlyn

About Beauty

While growing up with dark skin color i felt i wasn't so appreciated or like i wasn't beautiful because the concept of beauty was mostly related to a specific beauty stereotype..i felt unseen then.. which confused me and in the end i began to feel bad about myself.. Sometimes i experienced i wasn't also well …