video by Marlyn ”Success is to achieve peace of mind, be kind to ourselves and to others”. Namaste, Marlyn

Fly free

photo by pexels, Let your soul fly to where it should beheaven on earth is not just a miragesing, dance and fly freerelease your mind from ego sabotageShine brighter when it gets darkin the light be aware of your shadowsfind your home in peace of mindand a heart spreading love wherever it goes Marlyn

Education is the key

photo by Marlyn My 5 year old daughter recently asked me: Mamma, how does it feel to be brown??.. I was paff...i took a deep breath and looked at my little girl and thought, "no, she is not too small to know how it really feels", cause she may feel it in the skin sooner …

Benefits of Yoga

Photo by Marlyn Yoga means union.. Many are the paths to Yoga: Yoga postures (asanas), meditation (dhyana), proper and balanced diet, to give selflessly, discipline, etc.. Benefits of Yoga: 🌟Increases strength, balance 🌟Contributes to a better body posture and increases flexibility 🌟Increases blood and oxygen circulation throughout the whole body 🌟Gives natural energy to the …