Cosmic memories

photo in pixabay, The mountains whispered: Do not worry,you are safe The waters whispered: Do not be afraid, trust and let go The sun whispered: You can do this, stay strong The winds whispered: You are so loved, be Love The angels sang: You are so unique, stay true The wise sages wrote: Everything …


photo by Marlyn What to leave behind? Footprints or soulprints? Namaste, Marlyn

Ego: amigo or enemy?

How to let go of ego? photo by Marlyn Becoming friends with it instead of enemy.. Keeping a long distance relationship with it for a while.. Letting it' whispers fade away, until there is nothing else left, rather than peaceful silence.. Peace & Love 🙏🏽💝🕉

Benefits of meditation

WHEN WE ARE IN HARMONY WE ARE IN PEACE We usually charge our phones, computers, but forget to charge our mind and soul from all the impressions we get during our day.. Benefits of meditation: 🌟is scientifically proved to calm down the brainwaves/subconscious activity and renew brain cells;🌟stimulates creativity;🌟releases stress, anxiety, depression symptoms;🌟cleans your aura …

New beginnings..

I grew up frightened about the concept death.. "Into the light", by I learned through time to see beyond the word that is related to something negative or to be terrified of..Sometimes i wonder... if i would have one last day on this earth how would i live it? What would i prioritize? What …