Good vibration

photo in pixabay, The day we learn that what we leave behind us in any dimension is not our creations, but our vibrations..that day we will be truly free. YogiHeart

I see you

photo in pixabay, I see those who truly see mei even see those who don't wanti see those who need meeven those who think they don't I feel the love pouring on methe one i can never get enough ofi feel the hostility pouring on mebut i take it out with a cough I …

Soul eclipse

The sun and the moon shine their light through they think they are apart but they are stuck together as glue Reality fading into illusion their hearts are not meant to be broken words echoing into silence left in the air unspoken Diving deeper into the soul love does not need any explanation shining lights …

Fly free

photo by pexels, Let your soul fly to where it should beheaven on earth is not just a miragesing, dance and fly freerelease your mind from ego sabotageShine brighter when it gets darkin the light be aware of your shadowsfind your home in peace of mindand a heart spreading love wherever it goes Marlyn