Good vibration

photo in pixabay, The day we learn that what we leave behind us in any dimension is not our creations, but our vibrations..that day we will be truly free. YogiHeart

Where to find me..

photo in pixabay, You didn’t loose me i will always be there in the forests, dancing with the trees in the quietest night and day In the sunset and the sunrise in a lake teemed with dragonflies in every breath you take in a valley full of butterflies Where there is no time & space …

I Am

I am free i am the birds i see I am happy i am the love i seek photo:Marlyn Thank you for dropping by! Marlyn

Sacred Love (poetry)

When we are nothingwhen we are everythingwhere does our Love fit in?in the being or not beingor floating around only within? To be or not to beShakespeare once wisely saidlove silently growing as a treei embrace it before it's leaves fall dead Love does not need to fade into dustit flows in and out unconditionallyopens …

Coming home

photo in pixabay, I am coming homeopening the door to loveare you also coming?or are you staying behind? I am ready, ready to lovei am ready, ready to live Don't look back, just follow medon't look down, just trustdon't be afraid to fall, surrenderi will always raise you up with my love Are you …

Search within

Walk alonedance with the moonand you will find meSearch in your heartlook deep into your souland you will find meEven when it get's darkonly if you can still see mei will be there deep withincomforting, warmingonly if you can feel meClose your eyeslet the light guide you deep withindistance is only an illusioni am closer …

Fly free

photo by pexels, Let your soul fly to where it should beheaven on earth is not just a miragesing, dance and fly freerelease your mind from ego sabotageShine brighter when it gets darkin the light be aware of your shadowsfind your home in peace of mindand a heart spreading love wherever it goes Marlyn