We were born crying we grow up whining we age shining we transform undying ...cause diamonds are forever✨ Peace, Marlyn

Your Love is strong

photo by Pexels, Whenever i go through tough challenges in my life, i believe somehow God has prepared me for that. I know i will never react as expected, only act in my unique way, because i am unique, and so are you. Photo by Marlyn Namaste, Marlyn

Coming home

photo in pixabay, I am coming homeopening the door to loveare you also coming?or are you staying behind? I am ready, ready to lovei am ready, ready to live Don't look back, just follow medon't look down, just trustdon't be afraid to fall, surrenderi will always raise you up with my love Are you …

Secrets of inspiration

photo by pexels, on Inspiration comes without a scheduled time or warning...Interrupts conversations, tasks and wants to free from the minds ribbons that imprison it../Marlyn 7 tips to stimulate creativity: 1- Take a long and calm walk somewhere you never usually walk, to break the routine.. 2- Breathe mindfully or meditate at least 5 …

Fade into Light

photo by pexels, on Stand tall as a treestrong as a mountainlet go with the water streamsflow as the rivers and the seasbe gentle as the sunbeamsshine powerful as the sunreceive love from generous windssend love back to all the stormsdare to reveal your truthallow yourself to fade into light and just be...It's not …