Love quote

photo in pixabay, "True love has no boundaries, no space & time limitations. It flows endlessly, effortlessly to where it needs to flow".. Namaste, YogiHeart

Rise with Love

photos by Marlyn (moonlight, moonset & moonrise, Arvidsjaur 28-29/01) Rising with an angel.. The moon keeps me awake, as much as thinking about you such a blissful emotional state, hard to ignore that is true Sitting silently gazing at her, your beautiful face appears instead smiling while the moon gets blur, i can’t get you …

Cosmic meditation

Let's end a challenging year by as usual meditating for a better world using own meditation techniques or followed bellow! The healing energies in the air and the help of the full moon in end of december are a good time to enhance positive vibrations to ourselves and to the ones around us. I share …


Let the moonlight dry your tearswalk with you in the darkest nightlet the moon wash away your fearsfill your heart with the purest light.. photo by pixabay,