Good vibration

photo in pixabay, The day we learn that what we leave behind us in any dimension is not our creations, but our vibrations..that day we will be truly free. YogiHeart

About aging

🌿 For some months ago i noticed how my hair has drastically became growing white.. I got a bit panic and became to take it out as soon as they grew.. I stopped and noticed my ego was taking charge... So i took a deep breath and decided to surrender… 🌿There is no elixir that …


video by Marlyn ”Our world needs more people that can see with their eyes closed, that can feel with their hearts open.” Namaste, YogiHeart

”Gayatri”:Divine Light (new single!)

photo by Sandra Hallnor, Portraits of Lapland, Arvidsjaur 27/04/2021 (…)"There is a crack, a crack in everythingthat’s how the light gets in"(…), excerpt in "Anthem", by Leonard Cohen💙 "Gayatri", my new single is now out in online music platforms, such as youtube, spotify, itunes,deezer,etc.!Gayatri is produced by my talented friend, Igor Amaro that also produced …

The way you are

i love you.. when you are high, when you are lowwhen you are lost, when you are foundwhen you shade, when you glowwhen you're mild, when you're profoundwhen you pause, when you flowwhen you're quite, when you sound. photo in pixabay, Marlyn

Soul eclipse

The sun and the moon shine their light through they think they are apart but they are stuck together as glue Reality fading into illusion their hearts are not meant to be broken words echoing into silence left in the air unspoken Diving deeper into the soul love does not need any explanation shining lights …

You are beautiful

and loved... Beauty lies in the hearts of those who can truly feel.. in the eyes of those who can clearly see in light or the ears of those who can hear divine whisperers in the the mouth of those who dare to speak their truth.. photo by Marlyn Namaste, Marlyn