Good vibration

photo in pixabay, The day we learn that what we leave behind us in any dimension is not our creations, but our vibrations..that day we will be truly free. YogiHeart

No meu sonho..

photo in pixabay, Nao há frio, calor ou dor ha apenas união, paz e amor amor no presente que cura o passado amor no presente que abençoa o futuro amor no presente que extingue as amarras do tempo amor no presente que voa livre como o vento no meu sonho há apenas amor * In …

About aging

🌿 For some months ago i noticed how my hair has drastically became growing white.. I got a bit panic and became to take it out as soon as they grew.. I stopped and noticed my ego was taking charge... So i took a deep breath and decided to surrender… 🌿There is no elixir that …

Divine Grace

By the Grace of God.. I resonate LOVE I radiate LOVE I vibe LOVE I elevate with LOVE I Am LOVE AMEN Wishing u harmony, light & love always 🕉 YogiHeart 💚🙏🏾💚🌿

Through the Earth

Photo in pixabay, Through the grounded earth we walk upon, through the holy water we drink, through the sacred sun we rely on, throught the blessed air we breathe… ..may we never forget who we truly are: a soul star family, unified, all equally worthy of love,peace,harmony,joy and respect. When we shine and thrive together …