Consciousness speaks

photo:Marlyn ”You may not see me,but i vibrate brighter than a thousand suns.You may not hear me,but i vibrate louder than a thousand Aums.You may not notice me,but i vibrate higher than a thousand mountains,You may not feel me,but i vibrate warmer than a thousand heartbeats.” Much Love & Light,Marlyn 🕊

Yoga is Love

”Life is more than looking at the mirror and only see myself in the reflection.. is to embrace all the reflections i see as part of myself and honor them while i breathe, sing, dance, laugh, live and remain quiet in the deepest silence”. ”We are One” is a new inspirational video to raise awareness …

The Art of being happy

"Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. Nathaniel Hawthorne" photo by Marlyn Namaste, Marlyn

Sunday quote

"Feelings are bronzewords are silversound is goldsilence is platinum" Arvidsjaur, video by Marlyn Whenever my feelings try to take controll of myself, wether is anger, jealousy, frustration (yes i am not perfect!!), or even others feelings, i allow them to come and to the end what is revealed in the mystical silence is what …

Silent day

In the solitude of a quiet day, may our voices still be heard; in the silence of a bright new day, may our melodies give shape to timeless songs, in the cold of a beautiful day, may our hearts still vibrate warm as the sunlight.. Love, Marlyn

The angels song

photo by Marlyn May heaven be on earthmay heaven be in the heartMay we see the angels songtransforming darkness into lightwhen i hear them singingi wonder if it's my timebut it's just them revealingthis song is not only mineto sing along, to be hearingbut a gift, something divinemore than a songangel of mineon earth, in …