About aging

🌿 For some months ago i noticed how my hair has drastically became growing white.. I got a bit panic and became to take it out as soon as they grew.. I stopped and noticed my ego was taking charge... So i took a deep breath and decided to surrender… 🌿There is no elixir that …

Divine Grace

By the Grace of God.. I resonate LOVE I radiate LOVE I vibe LOVE I elevate with LOVE I Am LOVE AMEN Wishing u harmony, light & love always 🕉 YogiHeart 💚🙏🏾💚🌿

Violet Flame

photo in pixabay,pexels.com The worse danger in our lives: our own mind! Sometimes in life we may find ourselves in situations where we are being under attack of others lack of empati, anger, jealousy, lack of love, respect. Everyone been there, and is once in a while in what i usually call: hell on earth:”our …

Consciousness speaks

photo:Marlyn ”You may not see me,but i vibrate brighter than a thousand suns.You may not hear me,but i vibrate louder than a thousand Aums.You may not notice me,but i vibrate higher than a thousand mountains,You may not feel me,but i vibrate warmer than a thousand heartbeats.” Much Love & Light,Marlyn 🕊

Time to wake up!

photo by pexels,pixabay.com When you remember who you truly are at your core, everything will make so much sense to you. You will feel reborn, you will feel renewed, you will never again want to go back to the older version of yourself. You will feel uppgraded body, mind & spirit and you feel connected …

Yoga is Love

”Life is more than looking at the mirror and only see myself in the reflection.. is to embrace all the reflections i see as part of myself and honor them while i breathe, sing, dance, laugh, live and remain quiet in the deepest silence”. ”We are One” is a new inspirational video to raise awareness …

Present moment

video by Marlyn Life is not too short and it’s never too late. When you learn to live in the present moment you will have all eternity by your feet. Marlyn